Welcome to the official webpage of probspot. Probspot is a swedish edm project with focus on progressive house/trance.

Latest Releases:



3 new remixes of the classic probspot track foreplay has just been released
A new probspot remix of Armin Van Burens track I'll listen will be released shortly

Two new probspot tracks has been signed to Armada sublabel statement recordings out now!


Heatsink EP has8just8been released on primal-recordings. It featuers the tracks: heatsink, pinot noir, blow and renegade. buy it as vinyl, cd or mp3
Stalker has just been released on curvve records. with a great remix from fine taste. grab it on beatport now.
Organic waveformes, Probspot´s praised debut album is available in stores now. It is available on both CD, vinyl and as digital download. Buy it here: probspot webshop, juno records , amazon, dancegrooves
CD Format
The CD version of organic waveforms contains 12 tracks.
Vinyl Format
The vinyl version contains 3 vinyls with extended mixes and some exclusive tracks
Foreplay EP
Probspots first release on Lost Language. It contains 4 tracks including the popular foreplay
Blueberry one of the biggest progressive trance/house tracks of 2004. released on electronic elements
TV-dinner and timeless was released under the new name, Rico Soarez. Released on electronic elements.